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Mom and son discuss the Skytrofa Auto-Injector with a Nurse Advocate

To speak with a member of our support team, please call 1-844-442-7236 or start a chat now (available from 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday)


Meet the dedicated support team

To contact us, please call 1-844-442-7236

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Nurse Advocate
  • Provides overall case management
  • Completes insurance verification
  • Assists with prior authorization and appeal support
  • Can initiate FastStart fulfillment
  • Ships Auto-Injector directly to patients
  • Offers co-pay assistance
  • Provides ongoing patient support
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Field Reimbursement
  • Provides case assistance and support through the insurance submission process (prior authorization/appeal)
  • Offers a local and regional market access reimbursement overview to you and your office
  • Reviews the Ascendis Signature Access Program® (A·S·A·P) process, including collaboration with a Nurse Advocate partner
  • Provides ongoing reimbursement support
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Clinical Educator
  • Schedules virtual or in-person injection training
  • Trains your patients on how to use their device
  • Provides ongoing injection support

A·S·A·P is with your patients every step of the way

enrollment form
Enrollment confirmed

SMN form is submitted to A·S·A·P

  • Patient’s case is created in our system

Download SMN form and Patient Consent form here

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Benefits verification completed
  • Summary of Benefits is received and reviewed by your office
  • Patient receives Welcome Call from the assigned Nurse Advocate

Patient Consent form is confirmed during the Welcome Call

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Insurance authorization approved

Prior authorization, plan formulary exception, or appeal submission complete

Your FRM is a valuable resource to use when navigating submissions and appeals

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Auto-Injector shipped directly to patients

The Auto-Injector is available only through A·S·A·P enrollment

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Injection training completed by Clinical Educator
  • Training scheduled after Auto-Injector shipment
  • HCP notified upon training completion

The office may be trained by the Clinical Educator team if the HCP prefers to train their patients

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Triage Specialty Pharmacy for prescription fulfillment
  • Review Co-Pay Program with eligible patients
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Coverage denial and appeal submission
  • In the event of a denial, submit an appeal
  • You may receive more than one denial before approval

Reach out to A·S·A·P or your FRM to see what additional resources are available

FastStart enrollment and approval The FastStart Program is available for commercially insured patients navigating a denied coverage determination or appeals*
  • SKYTROFA Auto-Injector shipment occurs within 7 business day of FastStart approval
  • Injection training scheduled and completed by Clinical Educator
  • HCP notified of training completion
Insurance authorization approved

Prior authorization, plan formulary exception, or appeal submission complete

Click here to download an overview of the A·S·A·P patient-initiation process

The A·S·A·P program provides patient support services to eligible patients who were prescribed SKYTROFA for its approved indication.

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FastStart Program

The FastStart Program is available for commercially insured patients experiencing a delay in treatment due to denied coverage determination or appeals, who have an open active-insurance authorization*

*Patients are not eligible if they participate in any federal or state healthcare program.

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Co-Pay Program for SKYTROFA®

Eligible patients pay as little as $5 per monthly prescription with no monthly cap and an annual maximum cap of $6000 per calendar year*

A·S·A·P offers eligible patients help accessing treatment. For full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, click here

*Terms & Conditions apply. See Eligibility and Restrictions.

To learn more about starting your patients, call 1-844-442-7236 to speak with a member of our support team or chat live (available from 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday)


"The A·S·A·P program has been really supportive. The nurse was helpful and followed up when she said she would. She let us ask as many questions as we had and we could reach her if needed."

Kylene, SKYTROFA Caregiver Ambassador