Predictable release1
SKYTROFA is a prodrug delivering the somatropin you know over the course of a week1
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  • SKYTROFA contains 3 components1‑4:
    • The same somatropin as that used in daily somatropin injections
    • An inert carrier that shields somatropin to protect it from renal excretion and receptor-mediated clearance
    • A linker that transiently binds somatropin to the inert carrier
  • TransCon® refers to “transient conjugation,” a proprietary drug-delivery platform designed to enhance the overall benefit of a given therapeutic5
  • After SKYTROFA is injected into the body, TransCon technology allows for the sustained release of active somatropin based on physiologic pH and temperature2‑4

The TransCon linker in SKYTROFA releases active somatropin in a predictable manner1‑4

Watch the video below to see how SKYTROFA works.

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How SKYTROFA Works Guide
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