We are aware that patients are experiencing challenges accessing some daily growth hormone therapies.
Please be assured that once-weekly SKYTROFA® is not affected and is available for your patients.

Innovative Auto-Injector

Girl smiling while holding SKYTROFA auto-injector.

Discover the features of the SKYTROFA® Auto-Injector1,2

SKYTROFA Auto-Injector
  • Small 31G needle; 4 mm in length with needle guard1,2
  • Low injection volume regardless of which cartridge is used (≤ 0.605 mL)1
  • Flexible storage, with no refrigeration required1*
  • Auditory and visual cues to prompt patients and caregivers2
  • Clear status icons illuminate to indicate progress status2
  • Reusable device designed to last for approximately 4 years or 210 injections, whichever comes first2
  • No drug waste with administration of SKYTROFA cartridges2
* SKYTROFA cartridges can be refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C) in the outer carton to protect from light until the expiration date. Once removed from the refrigerator, cartridges may be stored at room temperature up to 86°F (30°C) for up to 6 months.1
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Triple-award-winning device recognized for its innovative,
patient-centric product design


Selected for its patient-centric design in the Health Product category3


Recognized for technical innovation in advancing the field of bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing4

Industrial Design

Awarded for outstanding, high‑quality product design5

Watch: Learn about the features of the Auto-Injector

Watch: How to use the SKYTROFA Auto-Injector

See the innovative SKYTROFA Auto-Injector in action. For detailed instructions, download and read the Instructions for Use.

Patients who require 2 cartridges per week will need to repeat the steps shown.


Cartridge Box

SKYTROFA cartridges come packaged in a separate carton with the single-use needles—no separate prescription is required1

Each box contains 4 single-dose prefilled cartridges for the patient’s prescribed dose. Patients also receive 31G, 4-mm needles for each injection, plus 2 extra needles. Cartridges are only for use with the SKYTROFA Auto-Injector.1,2