We are aware that patients are experiencing challenges accessing some daily growth hormone therapies.
Please be assured that once-weekly SKYTROFA® is not affected and is available for your patients.

Convenient Dosing

SKYTROFA® dosing allows for individualization and titration based on clinical response1

  • SKYTROFA is a subcutaneous injection that can be administered at any time of day or night1
    • To avoid missed doses, SKYTROFA can be taken 2 days before or 2 days after the scheduled dosing day1
    • The next dose should be resumed at the previous scheduled dosing day
    • At least 5 days should elapse between doses
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The recommended dose of SKYTROFA for treatment-naïve patients and those switching* from daily somatropin is 0.24 mg/kg of body weight, administered once weekly1

* When changing from daily somatropin therapy to once-weekly SKYTROFA, wait at least 8 hours between the final dose of daily somatropin and the first dose of once-weekly SKYTROFA.1

SKYTROFA single-use, prefilled cartridges are available in 9 dosage strengths1

Weight (kg) Cartridge(s) (mg hGH)*
11.5 – 13.9 3.0
14 – 16.4 3.6
16.5 – 19.9 4.3
20 – 23.9 5.2
24 – 28.9 6.3
29 – 34.9 7.6
35 – 41.9 9.1
42 – 50.9 11.0
51 – 60.4 13.3
60.5 – 69.9 7.6 x 2
70 – 84.9 9.1 x 2
85 – 100 11.0 x 2
Weight-based dosing for recommended dose (0.24 mg/kg/week)1
*Every cartridge dose corresponds to a unique color.
Patients requiring a dose greater than the 13.3-mg cartridge will need to inject 2 cartridges per weekly dose. The same dose strength must be used for both doses in those patients requiring a double dose.1

SKYTROFA is preservative free, with no refrigeration required for up to 6 months1

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Simple calculation for individualized dosing
If you choose to prescribe a different dose, use this simple dose calculation1

Example Calculation

Choose the right dose for your patients based on their individual treatment goals and clinical response.

Resource Dosing Flashcard

Dosing Guide
Learn more about the convenient dosing options for you and your patients.