We are here for patients impacted by recent supply challenges

At Ascendis Pharma, we are focused on making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives. This includes ensuring that they can reliably get the medicine they need, including SKYTROFA®.

We are aware that patients are experiencing challenges accessing some daily growth hormone therapies in the market. Please be assured that once-weekly SKYTROFA is not affected and is readily available for your patients with pediatric GHD.

Mom and son discuss the Akytrofa Auto-Injector with a Nurse Advocate

Consider prescribing SKYTROFA to minimize these disruptions

Please follow these steps to facilitate approval of SKYTROFA for your appropriate patients:

Ascendis is ready to assist you during this time

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For any questions about these steps, please call 1‑844‑442‑7236 to speak with a member of our support team. You may also reach out to your Field Reimbursement Manager or Endocrine Clinical Specialist directly.

After approval, use these forms and resources for easy enrollment: